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Erica Morin

Erica Morin

Visiting Assistant Professor, Texas Tech University

“Old maid,” “ticking biological clock,” the cliché’s are coming home to roost, and Erica Morin has something to say about it.

“I’m a pretty good representative for what it’s like to be not necessarily young and not necessarily old and really feel the time crunch that I need to get married,” the 31-year-old Dr. Morin said of this point in her life.

An intelligent, educated and interesting woman, Dr. Morin said she would like to meet someone someday and live up to the American ideal that “Women can have it all, but it just all hasn’t come together yet.” A long educational career sometimes seems to have hindered that process.

In the meantime, the problem is that well-meaning friends and family sometimes add to mounting social pressure.

“Being female and educated and unmarried … People don’t always know how to react to that,” she said.

To that end, Dr. Morin plans to offer some advice on what to say and not to say and more importantly some examples from her own friendships of how to be encouraging and supportive without applying guilt. She’ll also share some funny stories that are sure to have the audience relating, no matter at what point they are in their own lives.

This will not be Dr. Morin’s first time on a TED stage. When completing her graduate work at Purdue University, she was invited to speak at that institution’s inaugural event in 2012, themed on innovation, for which she had just won a prestigious teaching award.

“I have been a fan of TED for several years,” she said, adding when invited in 2012, she replied in a matter of mere minutes, and that when she heard about TEDxTexasTechUniversity, she was “ecstatic.”

With a twist of humor, Dr. Morin said the general gist of her TED Talk will be to tell folks to stop pushing their unmarried friends, let time take its course and stop treating the perpetually single as if they have some kind of terminal illness.

Watch her TEDxTalk.