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Irving Quant

Irving Quant

Magician, IQ Productions
Irving Quant was born in Lubbock, Texas, lived in Mexico, and now works as a magician based in Lubbock.TEDxTexasTechUniversity provides an opportunity for him to share his magic and enthusiasm of this art form with the community and many others.

At a young age, he intuitively sought out books and learned a new language in order to better understand the mystery behind magic.

Irving designed his own education and spent 14 years studying art and magic through a mentor, books and with other magicians. He intends to show how the mystery behind magic is built on the evolution of thousands of ideas into the final trick performed.

“There is a running joke in magic that we practice thousands of hours in front of a mirror just so people can’t see what we do.”

According to Irving, knowing how the illusion is produced is part of appreciating magic. His card magic is different from other card magicians since Irving uses the ten primary theories of magic and combines these with the ideas behind the surrealism movement.

Magic is a way of expression for Irving. There are mentalists, illusionists, and conjurers, but Irving specializes in card magic. “When it comes to labels, magicians are very picky,” Irving says when asked about title. “…I choose cards because there is a subliminal message in it.”

“When an object disappears, one must think it’s impossible!” Irving says with a big smile. Striving to make magic more comprehensible to all ages motivates him to work hard toward promoting magicians and his personal style of card magic.

Watch his TEDxTalk.