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John Pelley

John Pelley

Professor, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine
Champions come in all forms and John Pelley, Ph.D is a humble example.

Dr. Pelley is an Associate Professor of Cell Biology and Biochemistry at the School of Medicine, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. He teaches medical students the knowledge they need to become doctors and also gives them additional training in growing their brains to become lean, mean, learning machines.

As an academic dean, he noticed how the medical students could not teach themselves so therefore would have a hard time educating their patients. He took the opportunity to come up with a system that includes practical ways for students to teach themselves a better way of learning.

In the words of a physician friend that inspired him, Dr. Pelley relates a profound thought. “If you teach a (medical) student, you treat all of their patients.” He instantly adopted this as his own philosophy and motivation.

Dr. Pelley will explain at the February TEDxTexasTechUniversity how action and sleep are used to build a strong brain as well as a strong body. It will include techniques in how to become better problem solvers and how the brain and the cells work under different stimuli and associations.

A student will not be able to make progress in learning, unless brain function is understood. It will then make a quicker decision. The complexity of the brain and its ability to grow is where the secret to learning lies.

He presents his topic with clear forethought and practical guidelines for the next generation of medical students and the attendees of TEDx.

Watch his TEDxTalk.