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Joseph Dannemiller

Joseph Dannemiller

NSF/IGERT Fellow, Ph.D. Candidate, Instructor, National Wind Institute, College of Engineering, Texas Tech
Joseph Dannemiller, Ph.D. is a dedicated pioneer in the field of wind science and technology. He was a National Science Foundation Fellow and works at Texas Tech University Wind Institute.

His work amplifies and comprises years of committed study on ways wind energies impact structures. He became part of a team that started the National Storm Shelter Association that ensures the highest quality storm shelters for homes, commercial sites and community shelters. Joseph endeavors to stay ahead of natural wind disasters and to keep people safe during tornados and hurricanes.

“A wind engineer helps design structures to withstand wind loads,” reports Dr. Dannemiller. In one experiment with a C-130 jet and a modular home, he illustrates how winds break around the structure and the suction loads create a high degree of stress. The data gathered can be extrapolated and used to benefit engineers, architects, and contractors to build better structures.

The desire to educate people how to protect themselves during a wind event makes Joseph an advocate of the new technology in his field of science. The utilization of a wind canon simulates debris impact and provides an important function in a controlled environment. Data is gathered and used by many industries.

Dr. Dannemiller pursues research that leads to developing better structures in the face of damaging winds. His work serves to support and protect communities from wind disasters and offers solutions to complicated problems municipalities are faced with. He explains in detail how continued legislature and preparedness enables labs and researchers to continue their vital work.

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